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February 19, 2018

Deutsche Bank volunteers make a positive impact with The Clontarf Foundation

Sixty Deutsche Bank employees made a positive impact with 60 children from the Clontarf Foundation when they swapped their desks for high ropes at Taronga Zoo as part of a group volunteering exercise.

The bankers came from across the Corporate Finance division in Australia to take part in team challenges and activities with the boys aged 14 to 16 from Clontarf’s academies at Sydney’s Chifley College and Endeavour Sports High.

James Roth, Co-head of Corporate Finance, said: “This is the third year running we have participated in a big group volunteering exercise and each year we receive very positive feedback. This year was no exception – the Clontarf boys were amazing and as a team we took a lot away from it.

“Deutsche Bank is looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the Clontarf Foundation over the coming year.”

The Clontarf Foundation is an Australian charity that uses sport to keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids in school across Australia. It began in 2000 with 25 boys and has since grown to cater for 6,000 boys in 96 schools.

Deutsche Bank worked closely with the Clontarf Foundation to plan a volunteering day that would make a positive impact with all the participants – the bankers and the boys.

Brendan Maher, Zone Manager, NSW for the Clontarf Foundation, said: “An important piece of the program for our boys is introducing them to professionals to expand their universe. Meanwhile, for the Deutsche Bank employees it was an opportunity for them to experience firsthand the noticeable self-esteem and confidence in our boys.”

The Deutsche Bank volunteers also qualify for a $500 volunteering grant which will be paid to the Clontarf Foundation as part of the bank’s volunteering program. Last year, over 30% of employees in Australia volunteered their time with a charity.

Throughout its global network, Deutsche Bank is engaged in projects that unlock the potential of the next generation. In Australia, Deutsche Bank is proud to be working with the Clontarf Foundation to help young Indigenous Australians. It’s an investment in education that not only changes their lives for the better, but also spells a more vibrant and prosperous future for everyone. For more information about the bank's corporate responsibility program, please go to https://www.db.com/cr/index_en.htm


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