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October 4, 2018

Deutsche Bank and Chi-X launch Apple TraCRs

The first Transferable Custody Receipts (TraCRs) to hit the Australian market will be available on pioneering stock exchange Chi-X from today.  The TraCRs will relate to Apple Inc. shares and give holders exposure to the financial performance of those shares.

The new and innovative product, launched by Chi-X and Deutsche Bank, will give Australian investors access to the world’s first trillion-dollar company.  Apple TraCRs will trade locally during Australian trading hours, in Australian dollars and on an Australian exchange.

“TraCRs are an exciting and innovative product that has not previously been offered by an Australian market operator,” said Vic Jokovic, CEO of Chi-X.

“TraCRs provide, for the first time, Australian investors with access to leading global companies with the protection of trading on a local market. As a TraCR holder you have a beneficial interest in the underlying US share (and subject to the terms of issue, the right to convert your TraCR holding into that share). TraCRs bring the global investment world to our own backyard”.

Further series of TraCRs based on other US listed companies will launch in Australia in the near future.

TraCRs will be exclusively traded on Chi-X and be issued by Deutsche Access Investment Limited, a member of the Deutsche Bank group.

“Deutsche Bank is pleased to launch TraCRs with Chi-X in Australia which we believe will greatly streamline the investment process for local investors looking for US equity exposure,” said Chris Bagley, Head of Trust and Agency Services Sales at Deutsche Bank Australia and New Zealand.

“TraCRs are classified as a domestic equity market product and are subject to Australian regulation. Settlement will occur through CHESS and all distributions will be paid in Australian Dollars. We believe TraCRs present a convenient and cost-effective way for local investors looking to gain access to US listed shares,” said Mr Bagley.

Deutsche Access Investments Limited (ABN 55 118 336 584, AFSL 330531), the issuer of TraCRs, has issued a product disclosure statement in connection with TraCRs which is available at tracrs.com.au. You should consider that product disclosure statement, including the risks associated with TraCRs, before deciding whether to acquire, or to continue to hold, TraCRs. Retail investors must read and acknowledge they have understood an Investor Fact Sheet before they place an order to acquire TraCRs.  You can obtain more information on TraCRs at tracrs.com.au


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